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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy (Personal Information Protection Policy)

ZEN-NOH International Corporation (the "Company") has established the following personal information protection policy and we promote the protection of personal information by building a structure for protecting personal information and efforts on raising awareness on the significance of protection of personal information by all employees.

Management of Personal Information

The Company maintains accurate and latest personal information of our customers; implement necessary measures including employee education and establishment of security system maintenance and management structure to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, tampering, or leaking of personal information; and strictly manage personal information with safety measures.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

This website may ask for registration of the customer’s personal information including the name, email address, and telephone number at the time of contact. Such personal information will not be used for any purpose other than the purpose it was provided for. Personal information received from our customers will be used for contacting the customer, providing information on our business operation, and sending emails and materials in response to inquiries.

This website uses "Google Analytics" to understand the usage situation of the homepage on this site. This website also use "cookies" provided by Google Analytics, but we do not collect any information to identify individuals through Google Analytics. The data collected through your use of Google Analytics is managed based on "Google's Privacy Policy". Please refer to the Google Analytics website for Google Analytics terms of use and privacy policy.

Restriction on Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will manage the personal information received from customers appropriately, and will not disclose such personal information to third parties unless any of the following is applicable:
1. With consent by the customer
2. For disclosure to vendors used by the Company to provide the services sought by the customer
3. Where disclosure is required under the laws and regulations

Safety Measures of Personal Information

The Company takes all security measures to ensure accuracy and safety of personal information.

Personal Identification

In case a customer wishes to confirm, change, or delete his/her own personal information, the Company will request personal identification before proceeding.

Compliance and Reviews Concerning Laws, Regulations and Norms

The Company will comply with Japanese laws, regulations and other norms applicable to personal information retained by the Company and strive to review and improve the contents of this Policy as necessary.


Please use the contact form for inquiries concerning treatment of personal information by the Company.

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