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Links to ZEN-NOH International Corporation home page may be made freely in principle so long as it is not for profit, and all the requirements for links are met including that the link is to the top page of this website.

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Notes on links

URL for links shall be our top page "http://www.zennoh-intl.com"

Links are allowed only for the purpose of convenience of users visiting this website. Links for profit such as solicitation of advertisements promoting links to this page or sale of products are prohibited.

Links that display the contents of this website in combination with other contents are prohibited. In addition, links that display only the contents of this website will be prohibited if they are shown as part of the website of the linking party.

We ask users not to link in a manner that will harm the credibility of ZEN-NOH International Corporation and The ZEN-NOH Group.

We do not allow use of JA logo and title design of this website as part of the link button, etc. on a third-party website. Please create a link clearly indicating that it is a link to the ZEN-NOH International Corporation website, using "ZEN-NOH International Corporation" or other writing.


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Information contained on the ZEN-NOH International Corporation website is intended to be accurate, however, ZEN-NOH International Corporation is not held liable in any way concerning disadvantages and issues arising from the use of information provided on this website.

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